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14' Mini Snap XW

14' Mini Snapper XW Window Boat Bare Hull

See attached build/price sheet in photos for more details but includes:


-PPI Intake for Seadoo Drivetrain

-XW (Xtra Wide) 5' 6" Wide Bottom

-8 Degree Bottom with Raduis Keel

-Hydromorph Tunnel

-Walk Thru Window (5 Piece)

-Weld in Side Trays

-5 Stingers

-1/2" 6061 Keel 

-1/4" 6061 Wings & Bows

-Weld in Drop Bow

-Aluminum Flush Rear Deck Motorstation

-Full UHMW (1/2" Wings, 1" Keel, 3/8" Bows)


Phone 403-227-2628 or Email

14' Mini Snapper XW Window Boat
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