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Boat Development

From Start to Finish

Our top of the line jet boats are made almost entirely in house from start to finish.  We take pride in the work we do, and every boat is put through rigorous testing to make sure that it meets our high standards.  Here's our process from start to finish:

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It all starts on the computer.  Boats are engineered and designed down to the last screw, bolt and wire for peak performance out on the water.  These are all created in house by our very own designer before they are passed on.



After the design is created to exact specifications, the blueprint is sent to our CNC machinist.  This is where the first physical form of the boat starts - the pieces of the boat are cut out of high grade Aluminum, one piece at a time.  These pieces are then bent and molded to the correct specifications using a machine.  These are tested to make sure that they are the high quality that we require before those pieces move on.


The puzzle finally begins to be put together here.  The parts the CNC cut and bent are put together to form the bare hull - the boat is taking shape, but it's still bare bones.  This must be welded, checked for cracks, leaks and other rigorous watertight testing to make sure it is ready for the next step.



Once the boat hull is assembled and tested, the next step really brings it to life: the hull gets a coat of paint.  Each color is individually mixed for each boat and carefully applied in layers - topped with a waterproof top coat that seals the boat and keeps the paint looking amazing for years.


The rigging process is the most time intensive part of the boat.  Here, everything is installed, from the engine, flooring and windows to the lights.  A Driveline is installed, along with an EZ Clean Kit, Steering Controls and more.  The wiring is measured, installed and tested; the engine is installed and checked.  The pumps are all hooked up and tested, and the dash is equipped with everything needed to control the boat.



Upholstery is where the benches are made. Marine grade vinyl fabric is cut and sewn in house, made to fit for each boat in the colors chosen by the customer. The Tempress top of the line seats are recovered here to match as well using the same fabric.  The camper tops, pocket bags and dash curtains are made here, using an acrylic coated polyester fabric that stands up to the weather.  Once everything in upholstery is done and installed, the boat then heads out to one of the most important steps: testing.


Once the boat is complete, there is one more very important step before the boat is turned over to the customer.  Testing must be completed both on and off the water, a very rigorous process to make sure that the boat is up to our standards of quality.  If anything on the boat is found lacking, it will go back to the correct department to be fixed.  



If everything checks out during testing, or all issues are fixed, then the next step is the actual sale of the boat! The customer comes into the office where we go over the paperwork, manuals, and other important documents before they get a tour of their new craft.  Once the transaction is completed, they are free to have fun boating in their new Firefish Jet Boat!

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