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Stephen Knott 19 Hammerhead.jpg

Photo Courtesy Stephen Knott

Hammerhead 2022

One of a Kind

We’re thrilled to introduce our Hammerhead 2022 and invite you to take a moment to explore some of its key features. Take a look at the information below to learn more about our design.

Convict 2022: Production


Cory Lonnqvist.jpg

Hull Construction

• 8° bottom 7' Wide

• Reverse Taper Chine

• Center Section 1/2" 6061 T6

• Double Transom Reinforcement

• 1/4" 6061 T6 Bow

• 9 Full Length HD 1/4" 6061 Stringers

• 1/4" 6061 Wings

• Side Trays

• Two 3/8" HD 6061 Bump Rail

• Walk Thru Windshield

• Integrated Railings

• 100" Beam, 35" Side Height

• HD Raised Gunnel 5" Wide Top

• 3/8" Curved Rub Rail

• Extended Bottom Plate

• Billet Adjustable Trim Tabs

• Billet Extruded Intake Block

• Rear Valance on Swimgrid Rail

Photo Courtesy Cory Lonnqvist

Aaron Bohnke Hammerhead.jpg

Standard Construction

• Quick Ratio Helm (Tilt)

• Marine Battery (1000CA)

• Kobelt Single Lever Control

• Reverse Control Cables 60 Series

• Steering Wheel

• Dual Bilge Pumps (1200GPH Manual/750GPH Auto)

• Blower, Lights & Horn, Two Wipers

• 7" PV700 Touch Screen

• GPS/Navigation with Maps Included

• Touch Screen Power Distribution Switching

• 4 Port Glycol Heater

• Bluetooth Stereo/Clarion Amp/Four 6.5" RGB Speakers

Photo Courtesy Aaron Bohnke

Kevin Loughran.jpg


• Nautolex Marine Flooring

• Two Tempress Captain Chairs

• Sliding Anchor Gun Drawer

• Two Stainless Steel Cup Holders

• Four Stainless Steel Cleats

Photo Courtesy Kevin Loughran

Kevin Woods Hammerhead.jpg


• Kodiak 5.3L 340HP (Direct Injected) Cert.

• HD QT100 High Flow EZ-Clean

• Billet Intake Block

• 212 Hamilton Pump with Stainless Turbo Impeller

• Two 37 Gallon Side Tanks

• Kodiak Sand Trap

• Water Separator

Photo Courtesy Kevin Woods

Convict 2022: Features
Convict 2022: List


Options available here will override standard features.





Kodiak 6.2L 450HP


Kodiak LSX454 500HP


Kodiak LT4 S/C 650HP

Indmar 6.2L 575HP Ford Raptor with Second Fuel Pump


Indmar 6.2L 460HP Ford Raptor


Interior Layout


Flush Rear Deck

Dog Box Engine Cover

Straight Curved Rear Bench


Padded Rear Deck


Horseshoe Bench Seat

Grub Box Bench Seat


3 pc Rear Deck/Bed

Bottom Armor




Full UHMW in Virgin Black

1/2" Wings, 1" Keel, 3/8" Bows


48" Wide UHMW Bottom

in Virgin Black

QT100 with Aluminum Bow Cap




No Texture

Raptor Liner with Genesis Top Coat

Genesis Single Stage Side Paint


Upgrades available here are added to the standard features or chosen options.

Pump Upgrades

Billet Machined Nozzle Insert (212)


American Turbine 231 (9") Axial Flow

Stereo Upgrade

5 Channel Amp

Ported Sub Box

10" Sub

Hardtop Upgrade

3/4 Hardtop with Sliding Side Window/Screen


Sloper/Travel Cover


Drop Curtain


Rear Camper Back Section


Hydroturf on Roof


Railing on Roof

Paint Upgrade

Clear Coat Upgrade

with Cut Polish


Wash Down Pump

Wash Down Pump

Add a Flush Mount at the front


Stainless Steel Front Railings

Stainless Steel Rear Railings


Dual Battery and Switch


Kicker Bracket (Swivel) Install

Sliding Anchor Drawer


CNC Cut HydroTurf

(Swimgrid and Bow)

Fuel Tanks

Rear Bench Fuel Tanks Instead of the Side Tanks


Parking Diesel Heater



Firefish Table

Add Ons

Travel Top and Window Cover

Our Travel Top Cover and Padded Window Cover make travelling with your boat a breeze.  Keep your boat protected from accidents during travel with this custom fitted set!

Camper Top Front Half

The Camper Top is an excellent protection from the elements.  The windows zip open to let in that cool breeze.

Camper Top Curtain

The Camper Top Curtain is a perfect pair with the Camper Top Front.  Enclosing and providing that extra protection from the elements, while still allowing air passage through with the zip opening.

Camper Top Bags

Don't forget your bags!  These handily hold the Camper Top, making it super easy to stow and go!

Camper Top Back

This completes the Camper Top Set, covering the back half of the boat and giving you full protection against the elements while still giving you the room to move about the boat.

Dash Curtains and Pocket Bags

Need some more space for the little things?  Like to keep things looking nice?  These dash curtains and pocket bags are great for any boat, keeping things tidy and easily in reach.

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