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Convict Flush Rear Deck

Design Meets Performance

Engineered for safety and performance, the Convict Flush Rear Deck is a real show stopper.  A fan favorite, the Convict Flush Rear Deck is designed with longer trips in mind, from hunting to weekend getaways.  Get out of the rat race with the Convict Flush Rear Deck.

The Convict Flush Rear Deck is the classic Firefish Convict that we know and love. 

Engineered for family outings and fishing trips, this style of boat has lots of seating, storage and style.  The rear deck offers plenty of space for sleeping on those overnight fishing or hunting trips.  The storage is more than enough space for a cooler for an outing or for fish.  And the style is unparalleled, classy and functional.

It's also quieter as well.  With the engine and storage tucked away, it makes for a much quieter ride.

The Convict Flush Rear Deck is a favorite classic, and we're proud to keep it that way.

Extra thick padding makes for
comfortable sitting or sleeping.


Our upholstery is marine grade
vinyl that is easy to clean and
keeps looking good for years to come.


The Flush Rear Deck is a great place for all your storage needs, with two dedicated storage areas on either side of the motor that fits everything from lifejackets to fishing poles.

And the sturdy rear deck is great too, with ample room for seating when the boat's not moving, a picnic, or even sunbathing on a towel on those perfect weather days.

Storage space for whatever you 
need on your excursions is available
with the Flush Rear Deck!


The Rear Deck flips up for access
to the engine and storage, so there's
plenty of space.


• 8° constant bottom 6'6"

• Reverse Taper Chine

• Center Section 1/2" 6061 T6

• Double Transom Reinforcement

• 1/4" 6061 T6 Bow

• 9 Full Length HD 1/4" Stringers

• 1/4" 6061 Wings

• Side Trays

• Two 3/8" HD 6061 Bump Rail

• Walk Thru Windshield

• Integrated Railings

• 98" Beam, 34" Side Height

• Formed Raised Gunnel 5" Wide Top

• 3/8" Curved Rub Rail

• Extended Bottom Plate

• Integrated Swimgrid

• Built in Winch Mounting Plate with Bow Access

• 57" Bow Length

• Quick Ratio Helm (Tilt)

• Marine Battery (1000CA)

• Kobelt Single Level Control

• Reverse Control Cables 60 Series

• Steering Wheel

• Dual Bilge Pumps (1200GPH Manual & 750GPH Auto)

• Blower, Lights & Horn, Dual Wipers

• 7" PV700 Touch Screen Display

• GPS Navigation with Maps Included

• Touch Screen Power Distribution Switching

• 4 Port Glycol Heater

• Bluetooth Stereo with Four 6.5" RGB Speakers and a Clarion Amp

• Nautolex Marine Flooring

• Two Tempress Captain Chairs

• Sliding Anchor Gun Drawer

• Two Stainless Steel Cup Holders

• Four Stainless Steel Cleats

• Raptor Liner (Textured) with Genesis Topcoat on the interior and top profile

• Genesis Single Stage Side Paint (Smooth)

• Kodiak 5.3L 340HP (Direct Injected) Cert. Engine

• HD QT100 High Flow EZ-Clean

• Billet Intake Block

• 212 Hamilton Pump with 2.9kW Stainless Turbo Impeller

• Dual 37Gal Side Tanks

• Kodiak Sand Trap

• Water Seperator

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