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To all the Amazing Firefish Owners

We'd like to thank each and every one of you for being a Firefish family member. With the new site, we've added new ways to get in touch with everyone, and the ability to have all of our news, announcements and changes in one place.

We'd especially like to thank those that allowed us to use their pictures on our site. Without them, the site wouldn't be as amazing as it is, so here they are:

Troy Madson:


Cory Lonnqvist:


Aaron Bohnke:


Kevin Loughran:


Darcy Pike:


Stephen Knott:


Kevin Woods:


Brody Langdale:

I'll say one thing for sure; I did not know so many of the Firefish family are such great photographers.

Thanks again to these wonderful photographers, and their awesome skills.

And thanks to all the Firefish Family. Hopefully this new site will give us new avenues to stay in contact and show off these amazing boats.

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