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To the Moon!

I'd like to personally say a huge thank you to everyone who made the new website launch so successful! Firefish wouldn't be where it is today without all of your support!

Thank you again to all of the Firefish Photographers who provided amazing pictures of their boats for the website. Those images truly make the website shine.

Now that our new website has been live for a couple days, I'd like to invite all the new members to give your opinions on it. What would you like to see in the future for What do you like or not like about the new website? Is there a feature or information you'd like to see? We want to hear about it!

Here are some of the things that we may have planned for the future of

More merch! You all keep asking for it, so we're going to get it. Keep your eyes on the Merch Store for new arrivals, hopefully coming soon! Got anything you really want to see us add? Let us know either by commenting below or reaching out to us at

An entirely new section to the store! You all keep asking for kits, parts and more, so expect to see a whole new section devoted to things like winch kits, boat kits, beginner kits, parts, and more.

A showroom! You guys have proven that some of you are photographers at heart, and we would love to see more! Hopefully coming soon we'll have an area where you can post those amazing pictures of your Firefish boats and get the views you deserve!

Once again, thank you to all who made the launch of the website so successful, and thank you to all the Firefish Peeps out there. Hopefully we'll keep getting better as this website - and Firefish - grows.

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